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LMT 4X4 Solid Axle Mega Truck Brushless RTR, King Sling

Item No. LOS04024T1
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14.8V 5000mAh 4S 100C Smart G2 Hardcase LiPo Battery: IC5
14.8V 5000mAh 4S 100C Smart G2 Hardcase LiPo Battery: IC5
SPMX54S100H5 LOS04024T1
S1100 G2 1x100W AC Smart Charger
S1100 G2 1x100W AC Smart Charger
SPMXC2080 LOS04024T1
Smart Powerstage 4S Surface Bundle: G2 5000mAh 4S LiPo IC5 & S155 Charger
Smart Powerstage 4S Surface Bundle: G2 5000mAh 4S LiPo IC5 & S155 Charger
Ready-to-run Losi® Mega 4WD trucks with officially licensed Bog Hog and King Sling bodies offer a truly unique driving experience. The new platform gives you what you really want — it's overpowered, overbuilt, and ready to throw mud everywhere!

(1) Losi® LMT 4WD Solid-Axle Mega Truck

(1) DX3™ Transmitter

(1) Battery Foam Block Support

(1) Zero Degree Rear Hubs

(1) Instruction Manual

(1) Product Card

(4) AA Transmitter Batteries

Officially Licensed: Designed to look and perform just like the real trucks

Best Power-to-Weight Ratio: 4S-capable powerplant

Overbuilt: 1/8 scale metal drivetrain in a 1/10 platform for extreme durability

(1) 2-4S LiPo Battery with EC5 or IC5 Connector

(1) Compatible LiPo Battery Charger


  • Officially Licensed King Sling and Bog Hog Body
  • Officially Licensed D&D Paddy Tire and Wheel
  • Spektrum™ Firma™ 130A Brushless Smart ESC
  • Spektrum™ Firma™ 3668 2800Kv WP Brushless 4-Pole Motor
  • Spektrum DX3™ DSMR® Smart Transmitter
  • Scale Solid-Axle Housing
  • 1/8 Scale Metal Drive Train with CUSH Drive
  • Powder-Coated Vertical Plate Chassis
  • New Flip Top Cage
  • Long Travel, Oil Filled, Coil-Over Shocks with New Shock Shafts
  • Adjustable Servo Saver

Mudslingin' Mega Truck

New, ready-to-run Losi® Mega 4WD trucks with officially licensed Bog Hog and King Sling bodies deliver an experience unlike any other Losi product. Mega trucks resemble monster trucks but use a specific size of tractor tire that allows them to tackle mud bogs, make large jumps, and pound through the nastiest terrain. The Losi Mega truck is a combination of everything drivers want — it’s overpowered, overbuilt, and ready to throw mud everywhere!

Based on the bar-setting LMT chassis, the Losi Mega truck is focused exclusively on the thrill of "sending it" with insane power. It looks just like the real thing. It’s just as impressive as the real thing. And you can drive it just like the real thing! When top real-world drivers Dennis and Weston Anderson get behind the wheel of their 1500+ horsepower, full-sized Mega trucks, they set records for jump distance, lap times, and smiles in the crowd. Whether you’re driving the Bog Hog or King Sling radio control Mega truck, you have the same potency to do insane backflips, skim across the deepest mud puddles, and jump higher and farther than ever before, just like the Andersons.

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Officially Licensed King Sling and Bog Hog Body
Officially Licensed King Sling and Bog Hog Body

Losi worked exclusively with the biggest names in the sport, Dennis Anderson and his son, Weston, to reproduce the body design and graphics details perfectly. We even include a driver insert with a safety seat, headers, and a fuel cell to make this truck look as realistic as possible.


Scale Solid-Axle Housing
Scale Solid-Axle Housing

Shared with the Losi® LMT monster truck, the 4-link, solid-axle design with an internal metal drivetrain can withstand constant abuse. The differential is also sealed to hold oil that can be changed to different weights to tune your truck for your specific needs. Adjustable caster and toe also let you dial in those little details that make a big difference in performance.


1/8 Scale Metal Drive Train with CUSH Drive
1/8 Scale Metal Drive Train with CUSH Drive

To handle 3S and massive 4S power, we include three metal-geared, sealed differentials tied to a unique CUSH drive technology. The CUSH drive technology uses rubber elastomers on the main center drive gear to act as a torque dampener and protect the drivetrain when it experiences sudden impacts — without losing any power output like a traditional slipper.


Powder Coated Vertical Plate Chassis
Powder-Coated Vertical Plate Chassis

Powder-coated just like the actual trucks, the twin vertical plate chassis provides superior strength and gives you multiple setup and tuning options. For example, two battery mounting options allow drivers to use a "shorty" pack for a lower center of gravity or run a full-size pack to maximize run time. The chassis plates also provide tuning options for those who want to mount the shocks to the lower 4-link bar (sold separately) for the ultimate handling characteristics.


New Flip Top Cage
New Flip Top Cage

The new, flip top cage hinges in the front, allowing for shorter front chassis plates with less overhang to accept more body options. The cage also makes it easy and convenient to change batteries or access your electronics if needed.


Officially Licensed D&D Paddy Tire and Wheel
Officially Licensed D&D Paddy Tire and Wheel

The 6.25 inch tall tire has an aggressive deep tractor tread to get you the most traction in the mud. The wheel is chrome-plated and features a replaceable center hub to add durability. Optional offsets are also available (sold separately).


Smart Technology
Smart Technology

The 4S-capable 130A Spektrum™ Firma™ Smart ESC provides a higher power-to-weight ratio than many other RC vehicles. To make optimum use of the Smart Technology, just download the free Spektrum Dashboard app to your mobile device and add the BT2000 Bluetooth Module (sold separately) to your transmitter. Then, with no additional sensors or modules, you’ll be able to use the transmitter’s Smart ESC compatibility to receive important telemetry data in real-time, right at your fingertips.


New Brushless Motor
New Brushless Motor

Mega trucks are powered by the new Spektrum™ Firma™ 3668 2800Kv WP brushless 4-pole motor. The lower Kv and longer motor provide more torque for mudding action.


Long Travel, Oil Filled, Coil-Over Shocks with New Shock Shafts
Long Travel, Oil Filled, Coil-Over Shocks with New Shock Shafts

Long travel, oil filled, coil-over shocks with rubber bump stops are fully sealed and tunable to optimize performance. The new shock shafts have more thread engagement into the shock rod ends for added durability and now capture the pistons using locknuts. The new shock spring cups also feature a removable shock shaft guard to keep any debris away from the shock shafts for extended O-ring/bushing life.


Adjustable Servo Saver
Adjustable Servo Saver

The adjustable, servo mounted servo saver allows you to adjust the tension on the servo saver to maximize the balance between steering performance and servo protection.


Officially Licensed
Officially Licensed

Mega trucks have taken extreme motorsports by storm. These 1,500 horsepower trucks are built and designed to take on the nastiest terrain, from deep mud pits to big jumps. The first family of professional monster truck drivers, Dennis Anderson, and his son, Weston, are trailblazers in Mega trucks. Weston currently drives Bog Hog while his father drives his custom-built monster mud truck, King Sling.



Shock Type
Aluminum Oil Filled Coil Over
Front Track
13.25 in (336.5mm)
Vehicle Size
Inner Tire / Outer Wheel Diameter
2.6 in
Product Width
13.25" (337 mm)
Sold Separately
Connector Type
Ground Clearance
2.0 in (50.8mm)
Internal Gear Ratio
Motor Size
Product Length
21.25" (540 mm)
Solid Axle 4-link
Wheel Width
1.3 in (33.0mm)
Sold Separately
Fluid Filled, Bevel Gear
Ball Bearings
Full Ball Bearings
3mm Twin Vertical Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum
Completion Level
Drive Type
Product Height
11.5" (292 mm)
Tire Compound
Wheel Hex Size
Approximate Assembly Time
Less than 1 hour
King Sling and Bog Hog Replica, Painted and Decalled
Integral with ESC
Power Type
Gear Pitch
1.0 MOD
Final Drive Ratio
Motor Type
Rear Track
13.25 in (336.5mm)
Speed Control
15" (381 mm)
Product Weight
9.6 lb (4.35 kg) Without Battery
Tire Tread
D&D Paddy
Vehicle Type
Monster Truck