A vehicle is only as good as its driver and our accessories can take you to the next level. Our accessories help you get the most of your RC car by helping you work more efficiently while also taking your suspension tuning to the next level.

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This product is not available any longer
This product is not available any longer


Losi® offers a variety of RC accessories for the workshop and pit area that are designed to help RC car and truck modelers of all skill levels bring out the very best performance in their Losi radio control vehicles. Losi tools, gauges, pit mats, and other RC accessories make your building experience more enjoyable, simplify routine maintenance, and help you adjust your Losi RC model’s tunable components for the best results at the track. Losi has the tools and accessories you need to take your remote control car to the next level!

While browsing through the Losi accessories lineup, you might be amazed by the number of purpose-designed items available for working on your RC car like a pro. You’ll find gauges for making precise camber and ride height adjustments as well as tools for accurate shock matching. No more struggling with small parts like clutch shoes and springs — we have the perfect tools to simplify the job. Turnbuckle assembly is breeze with the Losi ball cup wrench. Along with these and other specialized tools, Losi offers multi-purpose wrenches and screwdrivers that are specifically made for use with the hardware commonly found in RC vehicles. No workshop or pit bag is complete without them.

Keep both hands free to work on your Losi vehicle by placing it on the Losi car stand. Prevent small parts from disappearing into the grass or getting lost on a busy workbench by using the Losi foam pit mat to keep your work area neat and orderly. Establish the boundaries of a course for fun or practice with Losi track cones.

One of the many benefits to investing in a hobby grade Losi RC vehicle is that you can keep it in peak running form through routine maintenance and make an almost infinite variety of adjustments and improvements. With Losi RC tools and accessories, you’ll work more efficiently and take your tuning and upgrading skills to the next level — right along with your Losi RC car or truck!