Losi® roller (rolling chassis) RC vehicles provide experienced hobbyists with the convenience of some factory assembly plus the freedom to customize the electronics.

This product is not available any longer
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The Losi® brand lineup includes a small number of radio control roller (rolling chassis) cars, buggies, and trucks that are mostly intended for experienced RC modelers who prefer to handle some component selections and final assembly tasks for themselves.

A radio control roller vehicle is essentially a factory-built chassis that serves as the basic outline for the complete RC car you have in mind. It’s the framework of a remote control vehicle that’s commonly lacking the motor or engine and all of the on-board electronics. Manufacturers of RC rollers leave these decisions up to the driver. You decide what brand and size of electronics you want to install. You determine what electronics to use and what size battery is needed to power them. RC rolling chassis can differ in how complete they are. The body is also often not supplied. These are all choices that will have a major influence on the car or truck’s ultimate performance capabilities once made.

Within the range of radio control model completion levels, rolling chassis are closer to complete than most kits, but not nearly as ready for the track out of the box as a ready-to-run (RTR). The main reason that the roller level exists is to have an option that offers some of the benefits of factory assembly while still allowing for a high degree of driver customizing. When you purchase a Losi roller, you can give it whatever looks and performance characteristics you want.

Based on their experiences, radio control car enthusiasts who’ve been with the hobby for some time have often developed some pretty strong preferences for their model’s inner working parts. They might want to buy a ready-to-run car for its factory-built convenience, but they might not want to run it using the manufacturer’s choice of motor, ESC, receiver, or servos. They also might not like the body style or colors. The roller option gives them the factory-built framework without paying for a lot of gear they won’t use. The Losi LMT Roller is a good example of a Solid Axle Monster Truck. It provides the driver with the all-out monster truck performance of the Losi LMT platform in ready to run form, but the choice of body, electric power system, radio system, and battery are all left to the driver’s discretion.

Other popular Losi vehicle platforms that offer a roller option include the 22S (with a No Prep Drag Car roller) and the Mini (with the Mini-B Pro buggy roller). These also demonstrate some of the flexibility that comes with how the term “roller” is defined. Although lacking electronics and radio equipment, the Mini platform roller does include a clear body for the driver to paint as desired. The 22S roller, on the other hand, does not come with a body. The reason for such differences comes down to what aspects of customization the modelers who drive the RC vehicle type tend to want.

You’ll save money on your initial purchase of a Losi roller compared to a fully equipped vehicle, but remember that you won’t be able to run the model as it comes. You’ll also need the time, tools, and mechanical ability to complete final assembly. If you choose a Losi RC roller, just be sure to read its product description closely to understand what more you’ll need to add. The main advantage of a Losi roller is that once finished, your RC vehicle will be a custom creation that looks and performs like nothing else at the track!