Ready to Run

Most Losi® RC vehicles come ready to run (RTR), meaning already factory-assembled and equipped. In most cases, they can be ready to drive in minutes.

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Ready to Run

Most Losi® brand remote control cars, buggies, and trucks are available in the ready-to-run (RTR) completion level. Ready-to-run means that in most cases, you will be able to start driving your RC vehicle just minutes after opening the box. You will also need only a few additional items beyond what’s already included in the package.

To operate many Losi ready-to-run remote control cars, truck, and buggies, you will need to purchase a compatible battery and charger separately. Any requirements are explained in the product descriptions and on the packages, and Losi often provides specific recommendations to make it easy to choose the right completion items. So, always check the RTR vehicle descriptions to be sure of what else you’ll need.

In general, ready-to-run RC vehicles are especially good choices for first-time RC drivers who want to get into the action as quickly as possible. In contrast to ready-to-run models, unassembled remote control car and truck kits can take hours to put together, especially if you’ve never done it before, and require tools and assembly skills beginners may not yet have. Also, RC vehicle kits often do not include motors, tires, painted bodies, and other items that experienced RC hobbyists often like to choose for themselves.

Losi experts have already completed the assembly of Losi RTR radio control cars and trucks, so you can rest assured the work has all been done correctly and your Losi RC vehicle will run properly. Losi RTRs are developed by pros who know which power systems, electronics, and other components will work together well to produce the best performance.

Another advantage to Losi RTRs is that they include the best materials and technology to deliver superior speed and handling. They’re designed and built to survive rough treatment, giving inexperienced drivers time to practice and perfect control skills. Losi platforms for experienced racers are also available in ready-to-run form and provide competitors with race-proven designs that are practically ready for the track. They sometimes even feature the same set ups that team drivers use! Losi RTRs for racers can be modified, adjusted, and upgraded like any high-end kit for taking performance to the very top level.

There’s more to the excitement of the radio control car and truck hobby than just driving, of course. Even with beginner remote control cars, it's a thrill to own a working scale model that looks just like your favorite full-size vehicle. If you don’t have strong painting and detailing skills, don’t worry. By choosing a factory-finished, ready-to-run Losi RC vehicle, you can drive a scale car or truck that looks every bit as realistic as those driven by champion RC modelers. You might be a beginner to the hobby, but the appearance of your RC vehicle won’t give that away. And there are so many Losi RTR cars and trucks to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding one that captures your personal style.

Your ready-to-run Losi RC car or truck will last while you learn and it will grow with your experience. Replacement parts and optional upgrades are available, too, so you can make repairs and take their already thrilling performance even higher!