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Completion Guides Upgrade to Brushless Power   (See All)

  • 27MHz AM Receiver 3-Wire Servo Combo: Micro

  • LiPo Charger & Battery: Micro-T/B/DT

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • 4.8V 150mAh NiMH 4C Flat: Micros

  • Brushed Motor with Wires: Micros

  • Losi 27MHz AM Tx Only: Micro-T/B/DT, HRL

  • Receiver/ESC Unit: Micro-T/B/DT

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • Screwdriver: #0 Phillips

  • Charge Adapter: TAM Female to Losi Micro

  • NiMH AC Peak Charger: Micro-T/B/DT

  • Micro Car Stand/Parts Tray

Hop-Ups   (See All)

  • 7.4V 180mAh 2S 20C LiPo: Losi Micros

  • Tazer Micro Brushless Motor with Pinion, 8750Kv

  • Tazer Micro Brushless Motor w/Pinion, 10250Kv

  • 27MHz AM Receiver 3-Wire Servo Combo: Micro