Due Mid August, 2018

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Quick Change Engine Mount Set: 8B, 8T

8IGHT Engine Ease!

At a Glance

The Quick Change Engine Mounts work with the 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T Race Roller vehicles without pull-start or Spin Start engines. Work on your engine without all of the hassle associated with removing and repositioning your engine.


  • Crafted from hard-annodized aluminum
  • Reinstall engine without adjusting gear mesh
  • Allowance to move engine 2mm forward to accommodate standard 4-shoe clutch or aftermarket clutches

Technical Notes

When using GRP engines with this mount it may be necessary to file or grind away a small amount of material from the lower part of the engine mount. This is necessary to clear the GRP crankcase cooling fins located under the mounting lugs.