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Universal Nitro Starter Box

Durability, versatility and ease of use make this the one box to carry

At a Glance

The Universal Nitro Starter Box features duel, high-torque motors for plenty of reliable starting power, time after time. This starter box offers a unique design, as well as the flexibility to use the box with multiple sizes, types and brands of vehicles. The box can easily be adjusted with a Phillips screwdriver, and without the need to open the box itself.


**You can use 7.2V Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs or a single 12V gel cell.


  • Unique design for flexibility for multiple sizes, types and brands of vehicles
  • Easily adjusted without having to open the box so no position guessing
  • A Phillips screwdriver is the only tool required for position adjustment
  • Dual high-torque motors provide plenty of power for starting