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Heat Shield Nomex Tape

Team Losi now offers a "cool" new product to protect your lexan body or just about any chassis part from heat.

At a Glance

Team Losi LOSA9343 “Heat-Shield” is made with genuine Nomex® aerospace fiber which is an excellent insulator that prevents heat from passing through it. The strong adhesive backing and flexibility makes it easy to stick to any clean surface. It can also be stuck to itself for added thickness and is easily used as a heat barrier for fuel tanks, shock absorbers, or wherever needed. Team Losi Heat-Shield has been used with great success on monster trucks, 1/10 stadium trucks and 1/8 on-road and off-road bodies where the hot exhaust pipe is extremely close to the painted surface. It has also shown to work well to repair body tears and around body mount holes. The LOSA9343 includes 40 square inches of this hi-tech Nomex® material in a flat sheet form with the adhesive protected with a peel-off film.