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XXX-S Graphite 4WD Touring Sedan

No Hop-ups needed here! The XXX-S Graphite Plus is a full-featured professional-level sedan designed to give more experienced racers the fastest, tightest handling machine on the track.

At a Glance

The XXX-S Graphite Plus Edition offers all the features of the XXX-S that has been winning the biggest races around the world the past two years. The exceptional selection of hi-tech machined titanium and molded graphite composite specialty parts offers a high performance-racing sedan unmatched by any other kit. The XXX-S Graphite offers national championship performance in a single economical package.


  • Graphite/Carbon Fiber Chassis & Suspension Components
  • Front and rear MIP Aluminum CVD's
  • Machined Titanium Turnbuckles
  • Threaded & Hard Anodized Shocks (.28" front /.36" rear)
  • Titanium Nitrided Shock Shafts
  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Suspension Balls
  • Revised Rear Suspension Arms & Shock Tower
  • Precision Ball Bearing Steering
  • New Low Roll Center Pivot Blocks (standard blocks also included)
  • New Offset Rear Hub Carriers
  • New Extra Efficient Drive Belt
  • New Front Bumper/Body Mount
  • New Light Weight 24mm Mesh Racing Wheels
  • New Alfa 156 Sedan body
  • Hard-anodized shock bodies w/double o-ring cartridges
  • Adjustable suspension down stops, front and rear
  • Fully integrated, rigid one piece chassis
  • Easy access front and rear differentials
  • Machined bearing spacers
  • Quick-release battery strap
  • Multi-adjustable suspension geometry
  • Optimized steering geometry w/servo saver
  • Soft compound multi-purpose racing tires
  • Easy-access spur gear & belt tensioner
  • Fully adjustable body mounts

Product Specifications

Length:16.63 in

Width:7.44 in

Wheelbase:10.13 in

Chassis:Molded graphite composite integrated

Suspension:Independent front and rear A-arm

Drive Train:Sealed single-belt drive w/front and rear ball differentials

Needed to Complete

- 2-channel surface radio with one steering servo
- Electronic Speed Control
- Motor
- Pinion Gear
- 6-cell battery pack (stick pack or individual cells)
- CA Tire Glue (LOSA7881)
- Paint for polycarbonate bodies