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Double-X4WD World's Limited Edition Kit

World Champion XX-4 Makes a Comeback

At a Glance

The words “by popular demand” are often over used but in the case of Team Losi’s XX-4 World Champion off-road buggy truer words were never spoken. Team Losi has recognized that in some rare and extreme cases where the track surface is badly rutted and “blown out” the remarkable suspension package of the XX-4 still offers a competitive edge. So by popular demand it is being re-released as a “Limited Edition” graphite kit. Racing is always evolving and as tracks around the world have changed so has chassis design. The XX-4 four-wheel drive buggy ruled the raceways around the world for years but as the trend in tracks moved to smoother, well-groomed surfaces the XXX-4 was developed to take advantage of the new breed of motor and batteries. In 2005 major events were run on rough rutted tracks and the XX-4 ruled again winning both the European Championships as well as the last two rounds of the prestigious UK 4WD championship along with the 2005 BRCA Junior and Regional Championships. Needless to say, racers want it so Team Losi will make it available as before. All the same graphite, titanium and machined aluminum parts are included to build the World Champion rough track wonder. All parts have been and will remain available as well.


  • Slotted Graphite Chassis
  • Graphite Shock Towers
  • Titanium Nitrided Shock Shafts
  • Heavy Duty Green and Blue Belts
  • Aluminum Rear Pin Brace
  • Lowered/Offset Motor Plate
  • Taper Pin Front & Rear tires
  • "HW" Body w/Cooling Scoops
  • Graphite Suspension Arms
  • Threaded Shock Bodies
  • Ball Bearing Steering
  • Aluminum Wheel Nuts
  • 3 Degree Toe-In Rear Pivots
  • Titanium Turnbuckles
  • Axle Bearing Spacers
  • "Solid" Front Wheels

Product Specifications

Type:4WD Competition Off-Road Buggy


Length:15.5 in (394mm)

Width:9.625 in (244mm)

Wheelbase:10.5 in (266mm)

Weight:varies with equipment used

Chassis:Team Losi Graphite Composite

Suspension:4-Wheel Independent

Drive Train:Triple-Belt 4WD, fully enclosed, Front & Rear Diffs

Tire Type:Team Losi Taper Pins (Red compound)

Gear Pitch:48

Wheel Size:2.2 in


Shock Type:Hard-anodized, threaded bodies w/Ti-Ni shafts

Body:Clear polycarbonate with wing

Ball Bearings:Complete

Needed to Complete

6-cell saddle battery pack

2 channel surface radio w/steering servo

Electronic speed control

Motor w/pinion gear

Modeling tools

Paint for polycarbonate bodies