Vehicle Support

These resources help owners of Losi® RC cars and trucks make repairs and upgrades easily and accurately. Losi product manuals are also available for downloading.

Vehicle Support – Build, Race, Repeat

If you’re new to the radio control car hobby, you should know that one of the best things about owning a hobby quality RC car or truck such as those from the Losi® brand is that you can keep it running at its peak by performing simple routine maintenance and replacing any components that show signs of wear or damage. Just like on a full-size car, some parts of remote control models are easier to find, replace, or upgrade than others. Unlike a real car, with a little know-how you can replace or upgrade even major components of an RC car yourself — down to the engine or motor — with parts available here online or from your local hobby shop.

The Losi® team wants to make it as easy as possible for you to keep your Losi radio control car or truck off of the workbench and out on the track. On this site you’ll find a variety of Losi support tools for effective do-it-yourself Losi RC vehicle maintenance and repair. You’ll find self-help information here for any type of Losi RC vehicle you own, whether you bought it as a factory-built ready-to-run (RTR), a kit, or a roller.

If you’ve lost or misplaced the owner’s manual that originally came in your Losi vehicle’s box, there’s no need to worry. You can find a link here that will let you view the manual or download it to your computer for reference anytime. On this site we’ve also loaded detailed exploded view diagrams of Losi cars, buggies, and trucks that you can use to identify a specific part you need. A direct link is provided to where you can purchase the part as well. Want to see what spare, optional, and TLR® (Team Losi Racing) tuned upgrade parts are available for your Losi RC model? Start here — we can quickly take you to the product listing page that shows them all.

Your Losi radio control car or truck will continue delivering outstanding performance long into the future if given the proper maintenance. And as your experience grows, your Losi RC vehicle can grow right along with it, becoming faster, more powerful, more durable, and more capable with well-chosen upgrade parts. Use the tools and information you find here to support your Losi vehicle like an expert. That’s how to get the maximum enjoyment from your investment in Losi RC cars and trucks.

Also, don’t be afraid to visit online RC chat rooms and forum for additional help. Other RC hobbyists can be of great help toward diagnosing any problems you might be having. They may even have experienced advice on the best parts to buy.