LST XXL Monster Truck RTR

Item No. LOSB0016
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Key Features

  • Extended chassis offers increased handling and stability on the roughest terrain
  • Installed Losi 454 Engine offers the convenience of a dual Pull Start/Spin Start backplate, with the handheld spin start unit included
  • Spektrum DX3S 3-Channel 2.4GHz DSM radio system with integrated telemetry
  • Forward & reverse 2-speed transmission features optimized gear ratios for low-end torque and high-rev horsepower of the larger, more powerful 454 engine
  • Suspension components are molded in the same polymer developed for the race-proven 8IGHT and 8IGHT-T
  • Twin, high-torque steering servos offer double the torque and provide instant response
  • 420 Series Force wheels and ATX tires take on anything in their path without hesitation
  • Complete ball bearings, even on the steering, for smooth and efficient operation
  • All steel gears in the transmission for power and durability
  • 3-shoe clutch with all-aluminum shoes for effective power transfer
  • Metal gear differentials built to handle serious off-road abuse
  • CV Driveshafts front, rear & center for more efficient drivetrain power
  • Preinstalled Telemetry Sensors

Needed To Complete

Nitro Fuel
Glow Driver
7.2V Battery Pack for Included Spin-Start Unit
Battery Charger for Included 6V 900mAh NiMH Receiver Battery Pack
Fuel Bottle

Video Overview


The nitro-powered 1/8-scale LST XXL RTR Monster Truck proves that bigger is always better. The LST XXL features parts and design elements that make it more durable than you could possibly imagine. The LST XXL features an extended wheelbase and a longer chassis which provides improved handling and stability, making for a better ride and easier operation.

The installed Losi 454 Engine is designed to produce unbeatable low-end torque as well as high-rev horsepower for insane top speeds. Dyno tuned and ported for the highest level of power from the first startup, the 454 big block engine can pull the LST XXL from a dead stop up to speeds approaching 50 mph without a hiccup. The 454 Engine also offers the convenience of a combo Pull Start/Spin Start backplate, with a handheld, push-button spin start unit included.

Spektrum’s DX3S 3-Channel sport radio system with 2.4GHz DSM technology lets LST XXL drivers and racers experience the next level in precise control, while offering the added benefit of integrated telemetry. The addition of integrated telemetry provides users with real-time information such as head temperature, speed, rpm and voltage information. The LST XXL includes an NiMH receiver battery to provide power for the radio system necessary to keep everything under control.

The 2-speed transmission in the LST XXL offers optimized gear ratios for the perfect combination of low-end, turf-shredding torque and high-rev, high-speed horsepower. Additionally, the transmission offers reverse, making maneuvering easier. The 3-shoe aluminum clutch design features high-strength steel clutch springs to ensure that when you grab the throttle, the clutch is there to get the LST XXL moving in a hurry.

Armed with high-torque motors and metal gears, the dual steering servos on the LST XXL can move the oversized Force wheels and tires with outstanding precision. Twin servos offer double the torque, so you can point the LST XXL wherever you want it to go and expect it to respond instantly.

The molded suspension components on the LST XXL are formed from the same high-impact polymers and compounds used on Losi’s 1/8-scale race platforms, offering unmatched durability and precision. The front, rear and center CV driveshafts provide efficient drivetrain power, and the differentials on the LST XXL are built with metal gears to handle serious off-road abuse.

Tackling any terrain requires some intense traction, and the LST XXL delivers with custom chrome Force wheels and purpose-designed ATX tires. The custom look of the chrome wheels stays uninterrupted thanks to removable chrome caps to cover the wheel nuts for added realism. Losi’s ATX tires let the LST XXL take on anything in its path without hesitation, rolling over obstacles that would stop other trucks in their tracks.