1/10 HIGHroller Lifted Truck RTR

Item No. LOSB0103
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Key Features

  • Scale, extended cab detailed truck body
  • Detailed, realistic tube-style chassis
  • Front and rear skid plate for scale appearance and protection
  • Realistic vertical (standup) front and rear silver with blue highlighted anodized shocks
  • 320-Series chrome wheels with low profile all-terrain tires
  • Easy-access battery compartment accommodates standard 6-cell NiMH packs
  • Reliable planetary gear differential for increased durability
  • Captured rod ends for less ball pops and increased suspension durability
  • Losi 27MHz AM receiver and transmitter available in six frequencies
  • LM-32K performance motor for great speed acceleration
  • 12RB Electronic Speed Control with reverse to back out of undesired situations

Needed To Complete

6-Cell NiMH Battery Pack
Compatible Battery Charger
8 AA Batteries for the Transmitter

Losi Recommends:
7.2V 3600mAh 6S NiMH Battery Pack (LOSB9900)

Video Overview


Losi’s ready-to-run 1/10-scale HIGHroller Lifted Truck is a tough lifted and modified customizable truck with an ultra-realistic look.

Losi equipped the 1/10 HIGHroller with an LM-32K Losi motor and a Losi 12RB electronic speed control (ESC) for the ultimate combination of power and speed. The installed 27MHz Losi radio system provides simple, effective control on any terrain. The easy access battery compartment accommodates 6-cell NiMH battery packs, and allows for quick, simple battery changes.

The 1/10 HIGHroller’s suspension design mimics the layout of full-scale lifted trucks, complete with vertically mounted, anodized aluminum shocks. The anodized shock bodies offer a custom look in addition to being fully functional. The oil-filled shocks smooth out the roughest terrain and allow the 1/10 HIGHroller to have its realistic lifted look.

In addition to the fully detailed extended cab truck body, the 1/10 HIGHroller is built on a tube-style truck chassis, complete with front and rear skid plates and stand-up shock arrangement. Custom, 320-series chrome wheels come equipped with low-profile all-terrain tires for a realistic look and go-anywhere traction.