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LiPo Charger & Battery: Micro-T/B/DT

More power and longer runtimes for your Losi Micro


  • 7.4V, 180mAh 2-cell LiPo battery
  • True 10C continuous discharge rate with 15-20C bursts
  • Internal circuit protection to prevent overcharge and overdischarge
  • Charger: 150mA output
  • The only LiPo products approved by Losi for use in Losi Micro vehicles
  • Easily installed in Losi micro vehicles with no modifications
  • Suitable for use in both short chassis (Micro-T, Micro-Baja, 1/36 Raminator) or extended chassis micros (Micro-Desert Truck)
  • NOTE: Micro-Desert Truck owners might also consider LOSB0872 (or LOSB0873 with LOSB0874)

Product Specifications

Type:Lithium Polymer

Input:110V AC 60Hz

# Cells:2


Charge Rate:150mA

Output Connector:Losi Micro

Battery Type:LiPo

LED:Dual color