Losi: Bind N Drive

What is Bind-N-Drive?

Bind-N-Drive (BND) is a transmitter-less option for RC enthusiasts who already own a surface transmitter featuring Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology. This money-saving innovation allows you to add a Bind-N-Drive vehicle to your collection without the extra cost or clutter of an extra transmitter.

How Bind-N-Drive Works

1. Choose your DSM transmitter

2. Bind your surface DSM transmitter

Bind your surface DSM transmitter to the receiver of your Losi Bind-N-Drive vehicle and you are ready for action. Click here to learn more about the binding process.

How to know if a Bind-N-Drive vehicle is right for you

You already own a Losi RTR vehicle equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology.

Losi Ready-to-Run (RTR) vehicles equipped with DSM technology include a Losi DSM transmitter; you can use this transmitter with any Bind-N-Drive Losi vehicle. Click here to see all Losi RTR vehicles equipped with DSM technology.

Bind-N-Drive Vehicles You already own a Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM surface transmitter.

If you already own one of Spektrum's surface DSM transmitters, you can use that transmitter with any Bind-N-Drive Losi vehicle. Click here to see all compatible Spektrum DSM transmitters.

How you can benefit from Bind-N-Drive

No need for multiple transmitters Bind-N-Drive eliminates the need for multiple transmitters.

Bind-N-Drive vehicles from Losi do not require a unique transmitter; therefore you gain the space-saving advantage of only needing one universal DSM transmitter for your entire collection of Bind-N-Drive vehicles.

Bind-N-Drive vehicles provide an average consumer cost
savings of $30.00.
Save $30

One benefit to choosing a Bind-N-Drive vehicle is that it is less expensive than the Ready-to-Run (RTR) version of the same vehicle. Since the Bind-N-Drive vehicles do not include a transmitter, you automatically save money.

Bind-N-Drive vehicles offer the benefit of Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology. Spektrum

Spektrum's superior DSM technology offers the added benefit of no interference or glitching. This means never having to worry about finding an open frequency, changing crystals or losing control of your vehicle.