Losi: Instruction Manuals, Parts Explosions & Addendums

Find the manual or exploded parts view for your favorite Losi or Team Losi Racing vehicle or accessory below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files and can be downloaded from www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.

  Product Description Product ID  Manuals, Parts Explosions or Addendums
1/24 Micro SCTE 4WD RTR Red LOS00001T1
1/24 Micro SCTE 4WD RTR Blue LOS00001T2
1/24 Micro Rally X 4WD RTR Red LOS00002T1
1/24 Micro Rally X 4WD RTR Yellow LOS00002T2
Mini 8IGHT-T RTR, AVC: 1/14 4WD Truggy LOS01000
Mini 8IGHT, Phend Edition: 1/14 4WD Buggy LOS01001
Mini 8IGHT, Drake Edition: 1/14 4WD Buggy LOS01002
Mini 8IGHT RTR, AVC, Blue: 1/14 4WD Buggy LOS01004T1
Mini 8IGHT RTR, AVC, Black: 1/14 4WD Buggy LOS01004T2
Mini Desert Truck RTR :1/14 4WD Truck LOS01007
Mini Rally RTR :1/14 4WD Rally LOS01008
Mini 8IGHT-T RTR, Maifield Edition:1/14 4WD Truggy LOS01010
Mini 8IGHT-T RTR, Phend Edition:1/14 4WD Truggy LOS01011
TEN Rally-X RTR,AVC: 1/10 4WD Rally LOS03000
TEN-SCTE Troy Lee Designs RTR, AVC: 1/10 4WD SCT LOS03001
XXX-SCT Brushless RTR,AVC:1/10 2WD SC Truck LOS03002
XXX-SCB Brushless RTR,AVC:1/10 2WD SC Buggy LOS03003
Night Crawler 2.0 RTR: 1/10 4WD Rock Crawler LOS03004
TEN-SCTE Troy Lee Designs RTR,AVC, Battery/Charger LOS03005
8IGHT RTR, AVC: 1/8 4WD Gas Buggy LOS04000
8IGHT-T RTR, AVC: 1/8 4WD Gas Truggy LOS04001
LST XXL-2, AVC:1/8 Gasoline 4WD Monster Truck LOS04002
8IGHT-E RTR, AVC: 1/8 Electric 4WD Buggy LOS04003
LST XXL2-E RTR, AVC: 1/8 Electric 4WD MT LOS04004
Desert Buggy XL: 1/5th 4WD RTR LOS05001
5IVE-T RTR, AVC: 1/5th 4WD SCT RTR LOS05002
Audi R8 LMS Ultra FIA-GT3 BL RTR AVC: 1/6 AWD LOS05003
MINI WRC RTR, AVC: 1/5 4WD Rally Car LOS05007
Spur Gear, Center Diff, 62T: 5T, MINI WRC LOS352001
XXX-T Sport RTR w/XR2i LOSA0090
XXX-T Sport RTR II w/XR2i LOSA0095
XXX-T Sport RTR Brushless w/XR2i LOSA0096
XXX-S Sport RTR II w/XR2i LOSA0285
XXX-S Brushless RTR w/XR2i LOSA0287
XXX-NT Sport RTR w/XR2i & Mach .15 LOSA0880
XXX-NT Sport ARR w/ Mach.15 LOSA0881
AD2 ROAR TQ Chassis Kit LOSA0911
8IGHT Electric Conversion Kit Hardware Package LOSA0912
Aluminum Front Spindle Carriers: 8B,8T LOSA1711
Adjustable Front Hinge Pin Brace w/Inserts: 8B/8T LOSA1754
Adjustable Rear Hinge Pin Brace w/Inserts: 8B/8T LOSA1755
Adj Front Hinge Pin Brace with Insert: 8B 2.0EU LOSA1757
Adj Rear Hinge Pin Brace with Inserts: 8B 2.0EU LOSA1758
LRC Adj Rear Hinge Pin Brace w/Inserts: 8B/T 2.0 LOSA1759
Quick Change Wheel Adapters (2): Electric Trucks LOSA2995
Front One-Way Assembly w/Dogbones: JRX-S Type R LOSA3358
Front SmartDiff: 8B 2.0 LOSA3600
Center SmartDiff: 8B 2.0 LOSA3601
Front SmartDiff: 8-T LOSA3602
Center SmartDiff: 8-T LOSA3603
Split Center Diff Mount, Aluminum: 8B/8T 2.0 LOSA4444
Quick Change Engine Mount Set: 8B, 8T LOSA9155
8IGHT/8IGHT-T 2.0 Starter Box LOSA99059
8IGHT/8IGHT-T Starter Box LOSA99061
Universal Nitro Starter Box LOSA99062
Safety-Stor Security Storage Container LOSA99069
Deluxe Nitro Starter Kit LOSA99072
Losi Shock Matching Tool LOSA99170
Temp-Tuner LOSA99171
Precision Tire Balancer with Balancing Clay LOSA99176
Short Course Wheel Balancer Adapter Set LOSA99181
LST Super Truck RTR w/XS3 & .26 LOSB0010
Aftershock Monster Truck RTR with .26 & XR2i LOSB0012
Aftershock Monster Truck RTR Limited Edition LOSB0012LE
Mega Baja Monster RTR w/26 LOSB0013
LST/Aftershock Performance Upgrade Kit LOSB0014
LST2 Monster Truck RTR w/XS3 LOSB0015
LST XXL Monster Truck RTR LOSB0016
LST Electric Conversion Kit LOSB0017
Muggy 4WD RTR w/XR2i & 427 LOSB0018
1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck Black Bind-N-Drive LOSB0019BLKBD
1/5 5IVE-T 4WD Off-Road Truck White Bind-N-Drive LOSB0019WHTBD
1/8 Raminator Monster Truck LOSB0020
1/8 810 Buggy RTR LOSB0021
5IVE-T Roller: 1/5 4WD Offroad Truck Roller LOSB0024
8IGHT 1/8 4WD RTR w/TL427 & DX2.0 LOSB0081
8IGHT-T 1/8 4WD RTR w/ DX2.0 LOSB0083
8IGHT 2.0 4WD RTR LOSB0084
8IGHT-T 2.0 4WD RTR LOSB0085
1/10 Speed-T RTR LOSB0101
1/10 Desert Truck RTR LOSB0102
1/10 HIGHroller Lifted Truck RTR LOSB0103
1/10 Night Crawler Bind-N-Drive LOSB0104BD
1/10 Night Crawler RTR: Black LOSB0104T1
1/10 Night Crawler RTR: White LOSB0104T2
1/10 Strike Short Course Truck RTR LOSB0105
1/10 Strike Short Course Truck Bind-N-Drive LOSB0105BD
1/10 ReadyLift XXX-SCT RTR LOSB0106
1/10 ReadyLift XXX-SCT Bind-N-Drive LOSB0106BD
1/10 Stronghold XXX-SCB RTR LOSB0107
1/10 Rockstar XXX-SCT RTR LOSB0108
1/10 Stronghold XXX-SCT RTR LOSB0109
1/10 JS Twitch XXX-SCT RTR LOSB0109JS
1/10 Rockstar XXX-SCB RTR LOSB0110
1/10 ReadyLift XXX-SCB RTR LOSB0112
XXX-SCT 2WD Rolling Chassis LOSB0113
1/10 Tuff Country XXX-SCT Brushless RTR LOSB0115
1/10 22 2WD Buggy RTR LOSB0122
Losi 1/10 22T 2WD Truck RTR LOSB0123
1/10 Speed-NT RTR LOSB0125
1/10 TEN-T Truggy RTR LOSB0126
TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Rolling Chassis LOSB0127
1/10 TEN-SCTE 4WD Short Course Truck RTR LOSB0128
1/18 Mini-T Stadium Truck RTR LOSB0200
1/18 Mini-Desert Truck RTR: Red LOSB0202T1
1/18 Mini-Desert Truck RTR: Blue LOSB0202T2
1/18 Mini-Desert Truck RTR: Green LOSB0202T3
1/18 Mini-Baja RTR LOSB0203
1/18 Mini Desert Buggy RTR LOSB0204
1/18 Mini-Slider RTR LOSB0205
1/18 Mini Sprint RTR LOSB0206
1/18 Mini Sprint Bind-N-Drive LOSB0206BD
1/18 Mini HIGHroller RTR LOSB0207
1/16 Mini ReadyLift SCT RTR LOSB0208
1/16 Mini ReadyLift SCT Bind-N-Drive LOSB0208BD
1/16 Mini Rockstar SCT RTR LOSB0209
1/18 Mini-T Pro ARR LOSB0210
1/16 Mini Stronghold SCT RTR LOSB0211
1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR LOSB0215
1/18 Mini-LST2 Monster Truck RTR LOSB0217
1/18 Mini-LST2 Limited Edition RTR LOSB0217LE
1/18 Mini-Monster Baja RTR LOSB0218
1/18 Raminator Monster Truck RTR LOSB0219
1/18 Rammunition Monster Truck LOSB0220
1/18 Mini-Late Model RTR LOSB0221
1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler Bind-N-Drive LOSB0222BD
1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler RTR Red LOSB0222T1
1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler RTR: Blue LOSB0222T2
1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler RTR: Black LOSB0222T3
1/14 Mini 8IGHT RTR: Black LOSB0224T1
1/14 Mini 8IGHT RTR: Red LOSB0224T2
1/36 Micro-T Stadium Truck RTR: Red LOSB0230T1
1/36 Micro-T Stadium Truck RTR: Blue LOSB0230T2
1/36 Micro-T Stadium Truck RTR: Green LOSB0230T3
1/36 Micro-Baja RTR LOSB0232
1/36 Micro-Desert Truck RTR: Red LOSB0233T1
1/36 Micro-Desert Truck RTR: Blue LOSB0233T2
1/36 Micro-Desert Truck RTR: Grey LOSB0233T3
1/36 Micro Raminator RTR LOSB0235
1/24 Micro Rock Crawler RTR LOSB0236
1/24 Micro Rock Crawler Bind-N-Drive LOSB0236BD
1/36 Micro HIGHroller RTR LOSB0237
1/24 Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker RTR: Black LOSB0238T1
1/24 Micro 4X4 Trail Trekker RTR: Silver LOSB0238T2
1/24 4WD Short Course Truck RTR: White/Red/Black LOSB0240T1
1/24 4WD Short Course Truck RTR: White/Grey/Black LOSB0240T2
1/24 4WD Short Course Truck RTR: Grey/Black/Red LOSB0240T3
1/24 4WD Short Course Truck RTR: Black/Grey LOSB0240T4
1/24 4WD Rally Car RTR: Grey/White LOSB0241T1
1/24 4WD Rally Car RTR: Orange/White LOSB0241T2
1/24 4WD Rally Car RTR: Blue Spatter LOSB0241T3
1/24 4WD Rally Car RTR: Red Spatter LOSB0241T4
1/24 Micro Brushless SCT RTR: Blue LOSB0242T1
1/24 Micro Brushless SCT RTR: Silver LOSB0242T2
1/24 Micro Brushless Rally RTR: Blue LOSB0243T1
1/24 Micro Brushless Rally RTR: Silver LOSB0243T2
1/24 4WD Micro Truggy RTR: Black LOSB0244T1
1/24 4WD Micro Truggy RTR: Blue LOSB0244T2
Drift-R Sedan RTR w/XR2i LOSB0289
1/10 Slider RTR LOSB0290
11.1V 200mAh 3S 15C LiPo: Micro-DT BL Only LOSB0873
11.1V 200mAh 3S 15C LiPo/ChargerCombo:MDT BL Only LOSB0874
Light Kit: Mini Desert Buggy LOSB0882
Servo, Mini 8IGHT LOSB0883
Aluminum Shock Set: Mini-T LOSB1110
Ball Differential with Outdrive BB: Mini-T, MDT LOSB1125
Viscous Differential Conversion Set: MLST/2, MRAM LOSB1250
Losi Micro Rail & Jump Kit LOSB1623
Losi Micro Track & Jump Kit LOSB1624
LST Series Wheelie Bar LOSB2249
Forward Only Transmission Conv Kit: LST/2, XXL/2 LOSB3130
2-Speed Gear Conversion, Steel, TiNi: LST, MGB LOSB3428
Ball Diff: SL, HRL, Strike LOSB3594
Adjustable Front Hinge Pin Holder Set: TEN LOSB4112
Adjustable Rear Hinge Pin Holder Set: TEN LOSB4113
1/10 Xcelorin S 3.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9400
1/10 Xcelorin S 4.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9401
1/10 Xcelorin S 6.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9402
1/10 Xcelorin S 8.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9403
1/10 Xcelorin S 10.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9404
1/10 Xcelorin S 13.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9405
1/10 Xcelorin S 17.5T Brushless Motor LOSB9406
1/8 Xcelorin Brushless Motor, 1300Kv LOSB9420
1/8 Xcelorin Brushless Motor, 1700Kv LOSB9421
1/8 Xcelorin Brushless Motor, 2100Kv LOSB9422
1/8 Xcelorin Brushless Motor, 2400Kv LOSB9423
1/10 Xcelorin 4800Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9430
1/10 Xcelorin 6400Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9431
1/10 Xcelorin 7500Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9432
1/18 Xcelorin 6000Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9460
1/18 Xcelorin 7400Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9461
1/18 Xcelorin 8200Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9462
1/18 Xcelorin 9400Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9463
1/18 Xcelorin S 18.5T BL Motor: Mini Rock Crawler LOSB9464
1/10 MSC-MCPRO Brushless ESC LOSB9504
1/10 Xcelorin Brushless Electronic Speed Control LOSB9515
MSC12SL 12T High-Power Forward/Reverse ESC LOSB9521
Micro 2.4GHz Conversion LOSB9524
1/36 Xcelorin Brushless Electronic Speed Control LOSB9530
1/18 Xcelorin Brushless Electronic Speed Control LOSB9535
1/18 Xcelorin S Brushless ESC: Mini Rock Crawler LOSB9536
1/36 Xcelorin 8750Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9544
1/36 Xcelorin 10250Kv Brushless Motor LOSB9545
1/10 Xcelorin S 3.5T Brushless Combo LOSB9550
1/10 Xcelorin S 4.5T Brushless Combo LOSB9551
1/10 Xcelorin S 6.5T Brushless Combo LOSB9552
1/10 Xcelorin S 17.5T Brushless Combo LOSB9553
1/10 Xcelorin S 10.5T Brushless Combo LOSB9554
1/10 Xcelorin S 13.5T Brushless Combo LOSB9555
1/8 Xcelorin 1300Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9556
1/8 Xcelorin 1700Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9557
1/8 Xcelorin 2100Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9558
1/18 Xcelorin 7400Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9561
1/18 Xcelorin 8200Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9562
1/18 Xcelorin 9400Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9563
1/18 Xcelorin Sensored ESC/Motor Combo: MRC LOSB9567
1/10 Xcelorin 6400Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9575
1/10 Xcelorin 7500Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9576
Micro 2.4GHz Brushless Combo w/ Motor, 8750Kv LOSB9593
1/36 Xcelorin 8750Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9594
1/36 Xcelorin 10250Kv Brushless Combo LOSB9595
DC Nitro Peak 3-Way Charger LOSB9601
1-3 Cell LiPo Charger LOSB9603
LiPo Balance Charger, 1-5 Cells LOSB9605
MultiPro Intelligent Balance Charger LOSB9606
Lithium Charge Converter LOSB9607
Intelligent LiPo Balancer, 2-6 Cell LOSB9625
LiPo Charger&Batt250mAhCombo,Micro SCT,Rally,Trugg LOSB9635
MultiPro 80W AC/DC Multi-Chemistry Charger LOSB9637
11.1V 2400mAh 3S LiPo Tx Pack: Z-1,Helios LOSB9810
11.1V 2400mAh 3S LiPo Tx Pack: M11, MX-3 LOSB9811
7.4V 5200mAh 2S 60C LiPo Saddle LOSB9878
8IGHT 1/8 4WD Competition Buggy Kit LOSK0800
M26SS with PS SG LOSR1001
427 Engine w/"Spin-Start" Backplate LOSR1002
Truhe Edition 21 Ceramic Buggy Engine LOSR1900
Truhe Edition 21 Ceramic Buggy Engine Nitro Kit LOSR1901
GRP Engine, Tuned .21 Buggy LOSR2000
GRP Engine, Tuned .21 Buggy Promo Kit LOSR2000P
GRP Engine, Buggy .21 LOSR2001
GRP Engine, Tuned .28 Truggy LOSR2010
GRP Engine, Tuned .28 Truggy Promo Kit LOSR2010P
Losi 3.4 Engine LOSR2100
Losi 454 Engine with Combo Pull/Spin Start LOSR2200
Losi 454 Engine, Non-Pull LOSR2201
350 Nitro Engine LOSR2300
Nitrotec R21 3.5cc Race Engine LOSR2800