Losi: Getting Started

What is a hobby-grade RC vehicle?

Hobby-grade RC vehicles are almost always designed for customization, and can be upgraded with hop-up parts and accessories. If a hobby-grade vehicle breaks or one of its components stops working, you can purchase replacement parts to restore the vehicle to like-new condition.
At one time, most hobby-grade vehicles required assembly and were designed for the higher-skilled hobbyist. Today RC vehicles are available in a variety of formats, and designed for novice through expert hobbyists. Many times the vehicles are ready-to-run right out of the box, and come fully assembled with everything you need to operate the vehicle included.

Understanding Vehicle Scale

Losi vehicles are available in 1/36 (Micro), 1/18 (Mini), 1/10 and 1/8-scales. An RC vehicle's scale denotes its physical size in comparison to its full-scale equivalent, so Losi's 1/36-scale micro vehicles are 36-times smaller than their full-scale counterparts.

  • 1/36th Micro-T RTR
  • 1/18th RTR Mini-T RTR
  • 1/10th Speed-T RTR
  • 1/8th 8IGHT-T 2.0 RTR

Understanding the different types of Losi vehicles

1/18 Mini-Rock Crawler RTR1/8 8IGHT 2.0 4WD Buggy Race Roller

Losi Ready-to-Run (RTR) Vehicles Losi's Ready-to-Run (RTR) vehicles have something to offer both novice and expert RC enthusiasts alike. RTR Losi vehicles come preassembled and often include everything you will need to run the vehicle right out of the box. A few Losi RTR vehicles require additional items for completion, such as a battery and charger or nitro fuel.

Team Losi Racing Kits When you purchase a Team Losi Racing Kit, you are basically buying a box of parts that will need to be assembled by following an instruction manual. Due to the additional skills required to build a kit, these vehicles are typically designed to be competition level vehicles.

Team Losi Racing Race Rollers If you are looking for a vehicle that has the performance-capabilities and customization options of a kit but you do not have the time for assembly, you will appreciate the convenience of a Team Losi Racing Race Roller. Race Rollers are competition´┐Żlevel vehicles that are hand-built and tuned to exact specifications, and are virtually ready for competition as soon as you open the box.

What to consider before purchasing a kit or a Race Roller

There are a few points to consider before you make the decision to purchase a kit or Race Roller.

  1. Kits and Race Rollers are designed for customization. Due to their customizable nature kits and race rollers do not include the electronics (radio system, servos, electronic speed control, batteries) or the power system (engine or motor), so these items must be purchased separately.

  2. Kits and Race Rollers require frequent maintenance and fine tuning. Due to their complex nature a kit or Race Roller will need to be carefully inspected and fine-tuned prior to each use. Doing so will ensure that the vehicle will perform at its optimum level.

  3. Kits and Race Rollers are intended for competitive racing. A kit or Race Roller may have performance features that exceed your needs. If you are relatively new to RC, or just getting started, you may not have the acquired skill set needed to fully appreciate and maintain a kit or Race Roller.

Electric vs. Nitro

Electric Vehicles An electric RC vehicle will run on a
battery-powered motor and an electronic speed control. Electric vehicles acquire their power from rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) or LiPo (Lithium Polymer) batteries. These types of batteries will generally provide 5-10 minutes of running time. Electric vehicles typically offer quieter operation and select models can safely be driven indoors in addition to being driven outdoors.

Nitro Vehicles Nitro-powered vehicles receive their power
from nitro methane-based fuel. Nitro-powered vehicles will typically offer longer and faster
run times, when compared to their electric counterparts.

What to consider before purchasing a nitro RC vehicle

There are a few points to consider before you make a decision to purchase a nitro vehicle.

  1. Nitro vehicles are noisy. If you plan on running your vehicle in an area where noise may cause an issue or disturbance, you may be better off with an electric vehicle.

  2. Nitro vehicles require knowing how to tune an engine. Knowing how to safely and correctly tune an engine's carburetor will ensure optimum performance and prevent the engine from overheating. While most anyone can certainly learn the correct tuning processes, tuning an engine can be cumbersome and frustrating for novice hobbyists.

  3. Nitro vehicles generally require additional maintenance. Nitro vehicles will regularly require a thorough cleaning after each use, due to any unburned fuel that may linger in the engine's pipe or muffler.

Choosing the Losi Vehicle that is best for you

Our online Vehicle Selector makes it easy for you to find the best Losi vehicle for you.

What is needed to complete your vehicle

Once you make the decision to purchase an RC vehicle there may be a few additional components that you will need to purchase separately in order to run your vehicle.

Many Losi RTRs include everything you will need to run your vehicle right out of the box. However, for a few RTR vehicles you may need to purchase a battery and charger , nitro fuel, glow driver or AA batteries for the transmitter.

Competition-level kits and race rollers are designed to allow for a higher-degree of customization, therefore there will be a few more components that you will need to purchase. Generally, most kits and race rollers do not
include an engine or motor, electronics, batteries or fuel. Due to their customizable nature you may also want to purchase tires and wheels, as well as paint for the body.

If you are serious about getting into the RC hobby, you may want to consider investing in a few RC-specific tools. Losi's race wrenches, tuning screwdrivers and vehicle stands will make routine repairs and maintenance much easier. Losi's pit bags are a great way to store and organize your tools and any extra parts you keep on hand. Plus, pit bags make it easy to transport your gear to and from the track.

Finding a Losi dealer

Our online dealer locator will supply you with a list of hobby shops in your area.

Registering your Losi Product Online

Once you have purchased a Losi or Team Losi Racing vehicle you will want to register your vehicle online. Registering your vehicle will allow you to stay informed on the latest news regarding your vehicle, as well as keep you up-to-date on the latest accessories, hop-up parts and tuning tips.

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