August 28, 2014 (Click Here for PDF version)

Products: LOSI® Desert Buggy XL™ (LOS05001) Steering and Throttle servos (SPMS901) on vehicles purchased before October 1st, 2014.

Issue: During manufacture, Desert Buggy XL steering and throttle servo wires may be pinched or damaged by the receiver tray. A pinched or damaged wire may result in damage to the product.

What to Do: Inspect the steering servo and throttle servo leads/wiring. If lead insulation is pinched or damaged, fill out the Return Request form found at http://www.losi.com/ProdInfo/Files/DBXL_Servo_ReturnForm.pdf
Horizon Hobby will provide a shipping label to return the damaged
servo. Once the damaged servo is received, Horizon Hobby will reepair the wiring and mail the servo back to you.

Inspect wiring:

1. Remove the clips and the body from the chassis.
2. Remove 2 screws (A) and the servo arms (B) from the steering and throttle servos using a 2mm hex wrench.
3. Set the buggy on its left side and remove the 9 screws (C) from the chassis and the receiver tray using a 2.5mm hex wrench.
4. Pull the radio tray (D) out a small distance to gain access to the bell crank (E). Remove the bell crank screw (F) using a 2.5mm hex wrench. Make sure the bushing (G) is not lost when the bell crank is removed from the receiver tray.
5. Remove the receiver tray from the chassis.
6. Inspect the servo wiring in and under the receiver tray for crimping or damage. If wires are visibly damaged, replace the servo before operating the buggy.
7. If there is no damage to the wiring, you can reinstall the receiver tray in the reverse order, taking care to arrange all wiring so it is not pinched by the covers, receiver or battery.

Tip: Route the steering servo wire as shown to keep the extra wire out of the radio box.

Tip: Prevent wiring from becoming pinched or damaged by applying clear tape to the
steering servo wires under the receiver box and to the throttle servo wires inside the
battery box as shown.

Remove and install servo(s) (SPMS901):
Remove the servo and fill out the Return Request form found at
http://www.losi.com/ProdInfo/Files/DBXL_Servo_ReturnForm.pdf. Horizon Hobby will provide a shipping label to return the damaged servo. Once the damaged servo is received, Horizon Hobby will repair the leads and mail the servo back to you.

1. Disconnect the damaged servo(s) from the STR or THR port on the receiver.
2. Remove 4 servo screws using a 2.5mm hex wrench, any spacers and the servo from the receiver tray.
3. Install a servo in the receiver tray using the screws and any spacers.

Tip: The steering servo has 4 screws (rear screws are short, front screws are long) and a spacer. The throttle servo has 4 long screws and 2 interchangeable spacers.

4. Route the servo wires under and around the receiver tray. Where needed, apply tape to keep the wiring from being pinched between the tray and the chassis.
5. Connect the servo to the appropriate receiver port.
6. Assemble the buggy in reverse order. IMPORTANT: Do not overtighten screws or plastic parts may be damaged beyond
7. Before installing a servo arm on a servo, make sure there is no transmitter trim for the servo, then power ON the servos so they self-center.