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  • Prophet Sport LiPo 35W AC Charger

Parts Listing   (See All)

  • 7.4V 5200mAh 2S 15C LiP0: 5ive-T, 5ive-B, Mini WRC

  • 29cc Gas Engine w/EFI, Air Filter

  • Remote Onboard Starting System: Car and PRB09000

  • ROSS Mechanical Starter System, 1/5 Car & Marine

Optional Accessories   (See All)

  • Air Filter Oil 45cc

  • Insulated Charge Adapter: Banana to EC3 Device

  • Charge Adapter: Banana/EC3 Device

  • Prophet Sport LiPo 35W AC Charger

Hop-Ups   (See All)

  • Shock Cap, HA Aluminum (2), 5T

  • Shaft, Shock, Front, TiCN, 2.0 (2): 5T

  • Shaft, Shock, Rear, TiCN, 2.0 (2): 5T

  • F/R Inner Hinge Pin, TiCN (2): 5T