Aluminum Shock Set: Mini-T

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Mini-T Shock Mounting Tips and Hints
If you recently purchased the Team Losi Racing Shock set for the Mini T, you might be wondering what a few of the extra washers and spacers included in the kit are used for. Your kit included 8 small washers. 4 washers are used on the front caster block ball stud. Using 2 on each side, space the brass ball stud out  to provide clearance for the tie-rods. The extra 4 washers you have left over are spares or can be used for tuning. You can use them to limit the travel in the shocks or to raise the inner ball stud on the front bulkhead. Also note the direction of the shock bushing. The larger end should be up against the shock tower on the front shocks only. When mounting your Oil filled shocks on the rear of you Mini-T, be sure to install the shock bushing with the narrow side first. You have also received 4 extra shock seals. These can be used as spares or you can "double-up" the seals installed on your shock cartridge. This will help eliminate chances of oil leaking.