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Tread Lock Tire Glue

Don't Risk ruining another pair of wheels and tires. Losi tire glue is the best available!

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Losi Tire Glue
Losi offers the first tire glue developed specifically for the latest generation of r/c car tires. Unlike the numerous generic adhesives that racers have been forced to use,  Losi's  tire glue has been developed to bond the various rubber compounds currently used in R/C car tires. Losi tire glue is a cyanoacrylate-based glue made in the U.S.A. Top racers report that it is easy to use and sets up quickly, yet controllably.

Losi listened to the racers when it came to what they wanted in both the product and the package. Losi tire glue features the most user-friendly bottle available. A small pin in the cap helps keep the bottle tip from becoming plugged. A length of clear tubing is included that can be inserted into the bottle tip to further control the flow and application of the glue. These exclusive features not only make gluing tires easier, but save you money as well. No more clogged, half-used bottles thrown away.

Don't Risk ruining another pair of wheels and tires. Losi Tire Glue is the best available!


  • Exclusive non-clog Losi bottle design
  • Non-stick tubing