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1/8 XBT Buggy Tires with Inserts, Green (2)

At a Glance

Losi's Green compound 1/8 XBT Buggy Tires with molded inserts offer maximum traction and durability on a wide range of track conditions.

Losi's green compound is the softest compound available from Losi, and provides increased traction and consistency. Very comparable with some of the top-tire compounds available, it should be used when maximum grip is required.

Green works best in cool/damp conditions, but is versatile enough to work well in dusty conditions too.The specially designed inserts are lightweight, provide a consistent firmness and have a better balance.


  • Green compound has outstanding wear properties for long life
  • Better bump handling in slick/rough conditions
  • Suitable for a wide range of track/atmospheric conditions, especially wet, dry, hot and cold
  • Included molded inserts are lightweight, provide a consistent firmness, and have a better balance