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XXX-4 G+ 4WD Buggy Kit

At a Glance

The Team Losi® XXX-4 has reinvigorated interest in 4WD electric off-road because it’s as easy to maintain as most 2WD buggies, as well as outperforming everything else in its class. With the new Graphite Plus version, Team Losi engineers have pushed the performance envelope even further by adding super-lightweight graphite chassis components, a Kevlar spur gear, titanium nitride-coated hinge pins and a whole lot more. No upgrades are needed. Everything a serious 4WD competitor could possibly want is in the box.


  • Threaded hard-anodized shocks
  • Graphite composite chassis and suspension components
  • Single-belt enclosed drivetrain
  • Revised front suspension arms improve rough-track handling
  • Graphite composite: chassis, diff covers, battery strap, front and rear pivot mounts and suspension arms
  • Ball bearing steering
  • Titanium nitride shock shafts
  • Aluminum front and rear CV driveshafts
  • Titanium turnbuckles
  • New "Aurora" body and wing create more downforce and improve cooling
  • Rear sway bar
  • Titanium nitride hinge pins provide silky-smooth suspension
  • Aluminum shock collars/adjusters
  • Kevlar spur gear/pulley

Product Specifications

Length:15 in

Width:9.875 in

Wheelbase:10.625 in

Chassis:Molded Stiffezel integrated design

Suspension:Independent front and rear A-arm

Drivetrain:Sealed, single belt with dual differentials and slipper clutch

Completion Guides

Needed to Complete

- 2-Channel surface radio with one steering servo
- Electronic Speed Control
- Motor
- Pinion Gear
- 6-Cell battery pack (individual cells)
- CA tire glue (LOSA7881)
- Paint for polycarbonate bodies