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350 Nitro Engine

At a Glance

The Losi 350 Engine is specifically built for 1/8-scale off-road buggies. This potent .21-sized performance engine is legal for sanctioned racing worldwide and offers great styling with a color anodized cooling head.

The engine features a large bore carburetor design which provides ample intake capacity, creating the kind of powerful throttle response and acceleration you want for any track or terrain. Additionally, the high- and low-speed needles are designed for easy adjustment, letting you fine-tune the 350 Engine for any temperature or weather conditions.


  • Economical operation creates the best power per dollar available
  • Losi styling engine with excellent parts availability and carb selection due to commonality with the 454 and 427

Product Specifications

Displacement:.21 cu in

Bore:0.641 in (16.27mm)

Stroke:0.659 in (16.75mm)

Engine (Only) Weight:12.346 oz (350 g)

RPM Range:31,000


Carb Type:Two-needle slide aluminum/steel

Crank Type:High-carbon steel, precision ground and polished with "turbo grooves"