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Losi 454 Engine, Non-Pull

At a Glance

The Losi 454 engine is a potent .28-sized performance engine. Specifically built for 1/8-scale off-road vehicles, the 454 engine offers a large cooling head for cooler and more reliable operation.

The large-bore carburetor design provides ample intake capacity, creating the kind of powerful throttle response and acceleration you want for any track or terrain. Additionally, fine-tuning the 454 for any temperature or weather condition is simple thanks to the easy-to-adjust high- and low-speed needles.

Product Specifications

Displacement:.28 cu in

Bore:0.728 in (18.50mm)

Stroke:0.669 in (17.00mm)

Engine (Only) Weight:0.859 lb (390 g)

RPM Range:36,000

# of Ports:8

Carb Type:Two-Needle Slide Aluminum/Steel

Crank Type:High-Carbon Steel, Precision ground and polished with "Turbo Grooves"