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Losi 3.4 Engine

At a Glance

Displacing a category-leading .20 cubic inches, the Losi 3.4 Performance Engine packs big block torque into a small block footprint. The result is unmatched power for an engine this size, offering outstanding acceleration from a standstill all the way up to the top end. Developed from the ground up with inspiration from some of the most potent race-proven engine designs, the Losi 3.4 has a wide RPM range for more torque wherever you need it.


  • Most displacement of any small-block nitro engine
  • ABC Piston and sleeve construction
  • Anodized cooling head with built-in head protector for style and protection
  • Brushed T6 aluminum connecting rod
  • Solid SG-style crankshaft
  • Designed for speed and power for small-block applications
  • 6.9mm Slide carburetor with dual mounting position high-speed needle
  • Composite carburetor body reduces the risk of vapor lock

Product Specifications

Displacement:.20 cubic inches



Engine (Only) Weight:220.40g

Benchmark Prop:34000rpm

Fuel:10-30% Nitro