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GRP Engine, Buggy .21

GRP performance at a non-tuned price!

At a Glance

The GRP .21 Buggy Engine is designed in Italy by GRP, under the direct technical supervision of Mario Rossi. This 1/8-scale non-tuned racing engine is produced with high-quality materials and undergoes a thorough manufacturing process. The engine's Temperature Control System (TCS) keeps the heat from the block from transferring to the carburetor causing intake changes and running out of tune.
All of the components used in the non-tuned engines are interchangeable with GRP’s tuned engine parts. This allows the non-tuned engines to be customized for increased performance, while eliminating the need to purchase a new engine. Each engine comes in a GRP plastic box, complete with decals.


  • .21 Non-tuned racing engine for 1/8-scale buggies
  • Aluminum 7.5mm carburetor
  • Produced in Italy by GRP, under the direct technical supervision of Mario Rossi
  • Engine components are interchangeable with GRP tuned engine parts for easy performance improvement
  • Features true ABC construction
  • Comes in a GRP plastic box complete with decals

Product Specifications

Type:1/8 Buggy

Displacement:.21 cu in



Engine (Only) Weight:355 g

Crankshaft Threads:14mm

RPM Range:max 38,000 rpm


Cylinder Type:ABC

# of Ports:5

Carb Type:Aluminum