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1-3 Cell LiPo Charger

Losi's economic and compact lithium charger

At a Glance

Looking for an economical way to charge your lithium batteries? Look no further than the Losi Lithium 1-3-Cell Charger. This charger was designed with ease of use in mind and for the easiest way to get lithium cells charged. Even with this unit being economical, all of the safety features required for lithium charging are included. Built-in sensors monitor connection polarity, short circuit detection, charge rate and temperature and will sound an alarm if any of these are suspect. In addition, a microprocessor controlled output unit uses constant voltage for charging efficiency, and to ensure the battery is not overcharged.



  • Charges 1- to 3-cell lithium batteries
  • Seven (7) selectable charge rates from 100 to 2000mAh
  • LEDs to indicate charge status
  • JST male charge connector
  • Alarm protection for reverse voltage connection, short circuit, incorrect charge rate, excessive charger temperature and low voltage
  • 12 Volt power source required