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1/18-Scale Mini-Rock Crawler

The ready-to-run 1/18-scale Mini-Rock Crawler incorporates the key design principles of full-scale rock crawlers into a 1/18-scale package. The truly innovative Mini-Rock Crawler features a multi-link suspension, heavy-duty metal ring and pinion gears, a 3-gear center transmission with a spool and slipper, a high-torque motor and an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) that has been re-tuned specifically for rock crawling.


Take the interactive tour of the 1/18-scale Mini-Rock Crawler to learn more about rock crawling and the ground-breaking features of the crawler. The tour includes a detailed look at this crawler�s chassis and articulate suspension, video footage, a photo gallery and much more.

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Featured Chassis Callout

01. Twin Vertical Plate (TVP) chassis design for ultimate performance

02. Multi-link suspension with extra long oil-filled shocks front and rear to clear almost any obstacle

03. Heavy duty metal ring and pinion gears, axles and axle shafts for increased durability

04. High-torque Mini-Rock Crawler motor designed specifically for crawling

05. Alloy lower suspension links with captured ends create a solid crawling base

06. Solid axles with optimized driveshaft angles for free rotation and less drag

07. Telescoping/sliding driveshafts with metal yokes to get power to the ground no matter the suspension angle

08. 3-Gear center-mounted transmission with spool and slipper for effective power transfer to the front and rear

09. Full-time 4WD with locked differentials for even power distribution

10. Full ball bearings to maximize the power and torque

11. Mini-Rock Claw tires modeled after the National Champion 1/10th Rock Claw

12. 1.9 Beadlock-style wheels with 12mm wheel hexes and body color match inserts for style and function

13. Mini-Rock Crawler electronic FWD/REV speed controller with extra drag brake

14. Mini high-torque rock crawling servo necessary precision for crawling

15. Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology based Losi Radio System for the ultimate control

16. 1100mAh NiMH battery (LOSB1202), wall charger & transmitter batteries included - completely ready to run

Crawler Suspension

The multi-link suspension design allows for extreme articulation, making the impossible climb possible. The specially-designed telescoping and sliding driveshafts ensure that the wheels can crawl over and around any grueling rock formation, no matter the angle of the suspension.

Featured Electronics

Motor and ESC

Crawler-tuned Motor and Speed Control

Engineered to provide the low-speed torque needed for serious rock crawling, the Losi Mini-Rock Crawler electric motor and Mini-Rock Crawler speed control with drag brake holds you in place but puts the power to the rocks when you need it.

High-Torque Steering Servo

Crawler-Specific Servo

A purpose-built, oversized servo provides maximum torque and precision for controlling the Mini-Rock Crawler over any obstacle or course.


DSM technology offers numerous benefits over
traditional systems:

-No interference or glitching, which means never
having to worry about finding an open frequency,
changing crystals or losing control of your vehicle

-Losi DSM transmitters only require 4 AA
batteries, making them lighter in weight and less
expensive to maintain.

-A shorter, fold-over antenna on the transmitter
makes travel and storage much more convenient


'Tuber' Style Body

"Tuber" Style Body

Designed and styled like full-scale rock crawlers, the Mini-Rock Crawler's body has been pinched and dovetailed for maximum suspension articulation without body contact, and comes predecorated in one of three color schemes.

Twin Vertical Plate chassis

TVP Chassis Design

The Mini-Rock Crawler's Twin Vertical Plate chassis offers unbeatable stability and rigidity in a durable, lightweight design. The result is confident handling over any terrain and outstanding suspension articulation.

Rock Claw Tires with Bead Lock Style Wheels

Crawler-Specific Tires and Wheels

By scaling down the incredibly successful Rock Claw 2.2 tire design, Losi was able to equip the Mini-Rock Crawler with a proven tire design that can tackle virtually anything you throw at it. Mounted to 1.9 Beadlock-style wheels based on full-size design, the Mini-Rock Claws are ready to claw over any environment.

Telescoping/Sliding Driveshafts

Telescoping/Sliding Driveshafts

Specially-designed telescoping/sliding driveshafts are utilized at both ends of the Mini-Rock Crawler, ensuring that the wheels can power around and over obstacles no matter what angle the suspension is at. Metal yolks are used at both ends for extreme power and torque handling.

Multi-Link Suspension

Multi-Link Suspension

The multi-link suspension design consists of alloy lower suspension links with captured ends, and solid axles with optimized drive shaft angles for free rotating driveline throughout suspension travel.

Locked Differentials

Locked Differentials Front and Rear

The Mini-Rock Crawler is equipped with locked differentials for consistent power distribution to all 4 wheels. The differentials feature durable metal ring and pinion gears to stand up to the stresses of rock crawling.


3-Gear Center Transmission

The 3-gear centrally-mounted transmission provides the Mini-Rock Crawler with excellent weight distribution and an ultra low 86:1 final drive ratio for climbing tough obstacles.

Also Available in Bind-N-Drive

What is Bind-N-Drive?

Bind-N-Drive (BND) is a transmitter-less option for RC enthusiasts who already own a surface transmitter featuring Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM Technology. This money-saving innovation allows you to add a Bind-N-Drive vehicle to your collection without the extra cost or clutter of an extra transmitter.

Already own a DSM transmitter?

If you already own a Losi RTR vehicle that included a surface DSM transmitter or you have purchased a separate Spektrum surface DSM transmitter then you should consider the Bind-N-Drive version of the 1/18 Mini Rock Crawler (LOSB0222T1BD).

The 1/18 Mini Rock Crawler BND comes fully assembled with a Losi receiver equipped with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM technology pre-installed at the factory, but does not include a transmitter. This money-saving Bind-N-Drive option allows you to bind the surface DSM transmitter of your choice to the receiver of the Bind-N-Drive vehicle, and then you are ready for action.

Mini Rock Crawler BND

Learn more about Bind-N-Drive>>

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