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1/10 Ten-T 4WD Nitro Truggy RTR

Packing all of the innovation and performance of Losi's groundbreaking 1/8-scale nitro platform into a 1/10-scale truggy, the TEN-T™ RTR is built to take on any terrain or any track. The TEN-T packs unmatched and unprecedented features into its compact, agile design including Losi's 3.4cc performance small block engine, Losi's revolutionary Remote Onboard Starting System (R.O.S.S.) and Spektrum's DX3S radio system with integrated Telemetry.


Take the tour

Take the interactive tour of the TEN-T RTR for an in-depth view of the features offered by this revolutionary nitro truggy. The tour also includes an overview of the TEN-T�s Remote On-Board Starting System (R.O.S.S.), powerful engine and radio system.

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Lightweight black anodized aluminum chassis
  2. Oversized 12mm anodized, threaded shocks
  3. 4mm tie rods with captured ends
  4. Losi digital steering servo for precise, powerful steering
  5. Twin disc brakes for quick and reliable 4 wheels stopping
  6. Large capacity 75cc fuel tank for longer run times
  7. Tank clunk for fuel pickup even when rolled over
  8. 2-shoe centrifugal clutch
  9. 320-series Zombie Max™ tires mounted on chrome 320 Force wheels
  10. Losi 3.4cc performance engine with slide valve carburetor
  11. High performance tuned-pipe designed
    to maximize the 3.4's potential
  12. R.O.S.S. module to control one-touch
    remote starting
  13. Two-stage air filter system to ensure
    a clean air intake
  14. Sway bars included for better control
    and handling
  15. R.O.S.S. on-board ROSS starting system
  16. 7.4V LiPo Receiver Battery Pack and Charger Included

R.O.S.S. - Remote Onboard Starting System

R.O.S.S. System

The TEN-T is equipped with a Losi first-the revolutionary Remote Onboard Starting System (R.O.S.S.). With the push of a single button on the included Spektrum DX3S transmitter, the glow plug is heated and electric starter engaged for instantaneous hands-free starting-no glow driver, no handheld and no more pull starting.

Step One
Step 1

Prep the TEN-T by adding fuel. Make sure the receiver battery is charged.

Step Two
Step 2

Turn on the transmitter and the TEN-T radio box.

Step Three
Step 3

Push the R.O.S.S. button on the included DX3S transmitter. Then let 'er rip!


Threaded, Anodized Shocks

Threaded, Anodized Shocks

The TEN-T's big-bore, 12mm machined aluminum shock bodies are blue anodized for smooth operation and wear resistance. Threaded shock collars offer easy yet precise adjustment of pre-load and ride height. Shock pistons and bladders are specifically designed for the TEN-T's chassis design and weight provide optimum ride and handling.

2-Shoe Clutch and 2-Speed Transmission

2-Shoe Clutch

The TEN-T's 2-shoe clutch is based on Losi's race-oriented clutch design for incredible durability and acceleration. Whether you're racing on a track or tearing up the backyard, the clutch design will give you the power you need.

 4mm Tie Rods with Captured Ends

4mm Tie Rods with Captured Ends.

We've designed the TEN-T's tie-rods with captured ends to stand up to extreme impacts and virtually any terrain you'll encounter. Captured rod ends prevent accidental disconnection and keep the suspension solid and reliable.

Black Anodized Aluminum Chassis

Black Anodized Aluminum Chassis

Precision formed and machined from 3mm thick premium aluminum alloy, the TEN-T's chassis provides a rock-solid foundation for unbeatable strength and stability. The chassis plate features a black anodized coating for increased durability and resistance to the elements.

Losi Digital High-Torque Steering Servo

Losi Digital High-Torque Steering Servo

The Ten-T's high-torque digital servo gives you incredibly strong, fast and precise steering response and control.

Losi 3.4cc Performance Engine - The Most Powerful Engine in its Class

  • Displacement: 3.40cc
  • Bore: 16.90mm
  • Stroke: 15.30mm
  • RPM: 34000
  • Horse Power: 1.8
  • Weight: 220.40 g
  • Piston: Aluminum
  • Sleeve: Brass with Chrome Plating
  • Fuel: 10-30% Nitro
  • -Most displacement of any small-block on the market
  • -ABC piston and sleeve construction
  • -Anodized head with built-in head protector for style and protection
  • -Dual mounting position high-speed needle for easier tuning
  • -Tuned pipe and header specifically designed to get the most out of the 3.4 engine
Losi 3.4cc Performance Engine

Losi Radio System ™ 2.4 GHz DSM ® Technology

Check Your Vitals

Spektrum's DX3S 3-channel sport radio system lets TEN-T drivers and racers experience the next level in precise control, while offering the added benefit of integrated telemetry. The addition of integrated telemetry gives any user the kind of real-time information that can be used to keep the TEN-T running at its highest potential. Head temperature, receiver pack voltage and speed are all displayed clearly on the large LCD display, providing up-to-the-minute vehicle status.

R.O.S.S. � Starting Button

Integrated into the DX3S, the start button will easily fire up the 3.4 engine with a single push.

Spekrum DX3s

Monitor the operating temperature of your engine in either Fahrenheit or Celsius


Leave the radar gun behind and monitor your TEN-T's speed right from the display screen in either MPH or km/h.


Never let a low battery stop you in your tracks � the DX3S and integrated telemetry let you watch over your receiver pack's voltage to keep you in the running.

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