Losi: GRP RC Engines

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Under the technical supervision of Italy's Mario Rossi, GRP developed a series of tuned and non-tuned racing engines for 1/8-scale Buggies and Truggies.

GRP's line of Mario Rossi Tuned Engines is designed using advanced mechanical simulation software that has the ability to reproduce the effects of high temperatures on engine components and materials. During the research and development process at GRP, each individual engine component is tested for maximum function and durability at peak engine performance. GRP uses the finest materials available for their tuned engines, to guarantee the maximum amount of performance and longevity under the most intense racing conditions.

GRP's line of non-tuned engines represents a high-quality line of Italian-made engines at a lower price. All of the components used in the non-tuned engines are interchangeable with the parts used in the tuned engines. This allows the engine to be customized for increased performance, while eliminating the need to purchase a new engine.

Losi is proud to offer these racing engines from GRP. We also look forward to the continued success of Yannick Aigoin, Adam Drake, Mike Truhe and other world-class drivers who will be dominating the tracks with Mario Rossi-Tuned engines from GRP.