How-To: Hop-up your Losi Mini-Rock Crawler

Posted:  Tuesday, January 06, 2009
Written By:  Gary Katzer
Copyright:© 2009 Horizon Hobby, Inc.

The Losi Mini-Rock Crawler was something that caught some people off guard, but those who have driven them absolutely love them. With the Mini-Rock Crawler you get a vehicle that is as fun to drive as it is unique. For those looking to push the performance envelope we have the perfect selection of items for you. These bolt-on tuning parts will help add durability and performance to your truck with a touch of style as well.

Metal Front/Rear and Center Diff Lockers

LOSB1433 (F/R); LOSB1435 (Center)While the stock Molded Diff Lockers in the Mini-Rock Crawler can handle almost anything you can throw at them, the new Metal Diff Lockers increase the durability under the most extreme conditions. The lockers are direct replacements for the stock molded units. To replace the stock molded components with metal ones you will need two sets of Front/Rear Metal Lockers and one Center Diff Locker to complete the upgrade.

Aluminum Spindles

Aluminum Spindles LOSB1411Reduce flex and add precision to your Mini-Rock Crawler with these Aluminum Front Spindles. These spindles align the bearings precisely to improve efficiency. Additionally the change from molded composites to aluminum reduces flex and maintains the steering geometry at all angles. The anodizing also helps eliminate corrosion and extends the overall life of the parts.

30-degree High-Clearance Aluminum Suspension Links

30-degree High-Clearance Aluminum Suspension Links LOSB1416 When you're looking for that extra ground clearance to get over the toughest obstacles and roughest terrain, you'll want to look at these Aluminum Suspension Links. Unlike the stock pieces these links feature a raised section near the center of the link. This provides additional clearance while maintaining the proper geometry and attitude of the truck on-course. Being made out of aluminum, the High-Clearance Links are a lightweight assembly that shouldn't have any negative affects on the overall center of gravity of the truck.

Threaded Body Aluminum Shocks

Threaded Body Aluminum Shocks LOSB1439The stock plastic shocks work well but these threaded body shocks are absolutely dialed. These direct replacement pieces are pre-assembled from the factory to speed up your installation time. You'll simply need to fill the shocks with the appropriate weight of Losi Pure Silicone Shock Oil and you'll be ready to rule the rocks. This is a complete set of four shocks that feature threaded bodies for precise preload adjustments and titanium nitride shock shafts for the smoothest operation possible.

LiPo Battery Pack and Charger/Graphite Battery Plate

LiPo Battery Pack and Charger/Graphite Battery Plate LOSB9631 (Battery and Charger); LOSB1420 (Graphite Plate)It seems like LiPo batteries are showing up everywhere now and that includes in the rock crawling arena. Losi has a perfect combo out there for just this purpose. Combing a 2-cell 600mAh LiPo battery with a convenient wall charger, the only thing you'll need to make the switch to LiPo is the Graphite Battery Plate. This plate takes the place of the stock servo tray, relocating the battery pack lower and further forward on the chassis than with the stock position. The result is more power and better handling all in one package.

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