Inside the Losi Mini-Slider

Posted:  Monday, October 01, 2007
Written By:  Gary Katzer
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 Inside the Losi Mini-Slider,  Kick-Up Some Dirt With This Awesome 1/18-Scale Racer


Mini Slider sans bodyDating back to the original JRX-2, Losi has always had a knack for pushing the envelope and developing something new and exciting. One of the most exciting releases may just be the awesome looking Losi Mini-Slider. While loosely based on the Losi Mini-T, the Mini-Slider brings a ton of fun features to the table. Whether you love full-scale dirt oval racers, RC dirt oval cars, or just love scale racecars, the Mini-Slider has something under the hood for everyone.

Top view Mini-Slider Chassis


While the overall layout of the Mini-Slider resembles a Mini-T, there are some significant changes under the skin of this winged beast. To provide the most scale appearance possible, the Mini-Slider features a stretched wheelbase when compared to its cousins. This is accomplished via an all-new fiberglass main chassis plate that is approximately 1.50" longer than the molded chassis on the Mini-T and Mini-Baja. This longer chassis configuration makes it possible to centralize the weight placement in the Mini-Slider, thanks to the use of a 6-cell inline battery pack. Top view Mini-Slider ChassisA new front and rear bulkhead configuration ties the front and rear suspensions to the main chassis plate. The entire chassis is very rigid and well thought out. To better protect the chassis and electronics, the Mini-Slider features a realistic roll cage bolted to the chassis.

The suspension on the Mini-Slider has been lifted straight off its cousin, the Mini-Baja. While simple in design, it is both functional and tunable. Plastic-bodied oil-filled shocks with coil-over springs provide dampening and control needed to keep you heading in the right direction.Side view Mini-Slider Chassis The shocks are a bottom-filled design and use molded pre-load clips to adjust the amount of tension on each spring. The shocks also feature bleeder valves at the top of the chamber making it possible to build air-free shocks each and every time.

The Mini-Slider features a number of suspension adjustments for the enthusiast. From simple changes to advanced tuning options, the Mini-Slider can be easily dialed in on a variety of surfaces. Up front, you can alter the loading and rate of the shocks by altering the shock position on both the A-arms and the shock tower. Front camber and toe angles can also be adjusted, thanks to the included adjustable links. You can even adjust the front roll center by adding shims under the inboard camber ball stud. The rear of the Mini-Slider is just as adjustable, as you can also alter the shock angle, camber, and camber link location. The Mini-Slider’s suspension components are also totally interchangeable with the Mini-T and Mini-Baja, meaning that there are a ton of aftermarket suspension parts available for it if the hop-up bug bites you.

Motor and Gearbox

Mini-Slider motorThe gearbox on the Mini-Slider is efficient and effective in getting the power to the ground.Inside the gearbox you’ll discover a 3-gear transmission that utilizes a bottom-mounted gear differential. The top-shaft features a slipper clutch which is driven by the powerful RX280-size motor bolted to the motor plate. Dogbone driveshafts reliably transfer the power from the gearbox to the axles.For the ultimate in efficiency, all drivetrain components spin on quality shielded ball bearings. To protect the motor and gearbox, the roll cage wraps around the Mini-Slider’s tail section.

Wheels, Tires, Body

Yellow Mini SliderThe first thing that you are bound to notice about the Mini-Slider is just how realistic it looks compared to a full-size dirt oval race car. This is no doubt thanks to the attention to detail that has gone into the body and roll cage. The highly detailed body is molded in 4 different pieces, making it easier to access electronics or other chassis components. Mini-Slider body and wheels.The upper wing element can be adjusted to a number of different positions to alter the downforce characteristics and handling of your car. Or, if you are a fan of wingless style sprinters, you can also remove the wings for a totally different and more traditional look. The rear portion of the body features a molded-in driver’s helmet. The helmet not lonely looks cool but adds to the scale realism of the Mini-Slider. The sides of the body feature molded exhaust headers, further enhancing the realistic design. A wing is also mounted to the front end of the Mini-Slider, adding both steering and straight-line stability. The Mini-Slider comes equipped with soft-compound treaded rubber tires that look realistic and work well on both smooth dirt and paved or carpeted surfaces. The tires are pre-glued to highly detailed and great- looking chromed rims.


When you have a car as awesome as the Mini-Slider, you’re definitely going to want to run when you want, where you want and not think twice about frequency control or glitching. An industry-leading Losi 2.4GHz DSM radio system comes preinstalled in the Mini-Slider that completely eliminates any worries of glitching, frequency conflicts, and radio interference. The Losi radio features a comfortable foam steering wheel, servo reversing and trims for the steering and throttle, and adjustable steering rate.

The electronics installed in the Mini-Slider chassis are just as cool as the transmitter. A Losi MXR-3000 receiver and MSC20RB electronic speed control convert your input at the transmitter into reassuring car control.Of course, all of the Losi electronics come pre-wired with industry standard connectors. ThisMini-Slider ReceiverMini-Slider with Transmitter makes it easy to get up and running in a snap. A 6-cell 7.2V NiMH battery pack and wall charger are included with the Mini-Slider, along with the four AA batteries needed for the transmitter. Everything you need to get up and running is included right in the box; it doesn’t get much easier.

The Losi Mini-Slider is easily one of the most unique vehicles to come to market in quite some time. Even casual enthusiasts will find the simplicity of driving an oval both fun and challenging. With no need for a permanent race track, any garage floor, cul-de-sac or rec room can become a hotbed of action any time of the year. The Mini-Slider comes out of the box incredibly well equipped with everything you’ll need to get started, including a battery pack and charger. And with oval racing on the rise in popularity, the Mini-Slider is arriving at the right time. Even if you’re not interested in racing your Mini-Slider, there’s just something appealing about this car. Where the Mini-T was a home run, the red-hot Mini-Slider raises the bar and has hit a grand slam.

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