Project: The Ultimate LST2 Race Truck

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Posted:  Monday, August 06, 2007
Written By:  Gary Katzer
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When removing weight from your vehicle, there are some areas where lightening your truck can have a greater impact on performance. Anytime you can remove rotating mass or unsprung weight you will see additional performance benefits. One such area where you can remove considerable rotating mass is in the transmission case. This particular transmission is a work of art and it accomplishes a lot of different things in such a confined area. On a race track, items such as reverse or a high/low gear set can actually become a hindrance. Unlike running in an open lot or field where having reverse can be advantageous, when participating in an organized race the use of reverse is strictly forbidden. Because of this, it is advantageous to remove the reverse mechanism and the reversing servo. The way to accomplish all these things is to install the Losi Forward-Only Conversion for the LST2. Removal of these extra gears reduces the rotating mass, in turn improving both acceleration and top speed thanks to having fewer moving parts inside the transmission. Beyond removing the reverse gears, removal of the high/low mechanism will further improve performance. You will be locked in one gear for the duration of a race anyways, and the low gear is far too short for use in races, making the removal of these gears even more logical. Finally, by removing the reverse gears and the reverse servo, you’ll further reduce your truck’s weight and the current draw on your truck’s receiver pack. As you get everything installed, inspect the gear mesh inside the transmission case and shim the gears accordingly.

Forward only transmission conversion

The forward-only conversion removes the reverse and Hi/Lo gear sets to reduce rotating mass, improving acceleration and top end.

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