Explosive Monster Performance with Dynamite and the LST2

Posted:  Tuesday, September 05, 2006
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Admit it—you’re one of those people who just can’t leave well enough alone. When you’re out shopping for a new full-sized car, you’re thinking about how much RC gear you can fit in it or what you can do to hop it up. You’re probably the same person that, as a kid, had the biggest and baddest big wheel and terrorized the neighborhood. You’re the same type of person that, once you get your hands on a new RC monster truck, can’t wait to take it apart and rebuild it. Well, you’re not the only one with this zest for making your gear bigger, badder, and faster. The folks at Dynamite have you covered with a ton of different parts for your Team Losi LST2.

Determining Your Focus

The Team Losi LST2 performs great right out of the box and certainly doesn’t “need” anything to make it a fun truck. However, with some appropriately placed hop-ups, you can make this truck truly your own. Some of the parts increase strength, while others add style points. You’ll need to determine what you want to do with your truck and how you want it equipped. Also, what’s especially nice is with the modular design of the LST2, you can work on hopping up parts of the truck at a time. This way you can add new parts, pieces, and bits as your budget allows.

Before you begin to work on your truck, you should keep a few things in mind. While aluminum parts are stronger than their molded counterparts, they are heavier. In addition, swapping out molded parts for aluminum ones may end your breakage of those parts, but it may lead to breaking other parts instead. By replacing your upper and lower A-arms with aluminum components, for example, you may actually find yourself breaking bulkheads or knuckles instead. We’re not trying to scare you away from hopping up your truck; we simply want you to understand that the stress forces have to go somewhere. For example, a crash that would have previously broken an A-arm may now cause you to split a bulkhead or cause some other parts failure that you may not have expected.

The Teardown

As you disassemble the truck, take this time to clean it and inspect for damaged or bent parts. Bent hinge pins, shock shafts, screws, stripped nuts, and other bent or stressed parts can negatively affect the handling of your truck and lead to other parts breakage down the road. As you work on disassembling your truck, remember to only work on one section of your truck at a time. This prevents you from getting in over your head or misplacing and losing parts. As you begin your teardown, there are a number of key areas to keep an eye on as well. If there is goo or dirt built up around the bottom of your shock bodies or on the shafts, you could have torn or damaged seals or stripped cartridges that are leaking. Also, take some time and inspect your differential casings at this time. A buildup of diff grease on the outside of the casing or seeping through the bearings could mean that you’ll need to rebuild your diffs too. A keen eye is definitely a plus when rebuilding your truck to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.

Main Chassis

Once you have your truck cleaned up and have replaced any broken or bent parts, you can really get into the option parts. Dynamite offers a ton of really cool anodized aluminum bits for the LST2, including some awesome chassis plates. Depending on your personal style, you can get new chassis components that have been anodized in both red and blue. You can even match your upper chassis plates with lower skid plates anodized in the same colors. The new chassis plates match the stock locations from the original chassis, maintaining balance and weight placement. Along with the anodized chassis parts, there are also anodized body mounts and bellcranks that improve style and durability. These aluminum components also have much less flex than their molded counterparts, making your truck feel more precise while you are driving it.

Suspension Options

Some of the coolest option parts for the LST2 have to be the suspension components. Much like the main chassis components, the suspension parts come anodized in a choice of blue or red. Aluminum upper and lower A-arms provide the ultimate in strength and rigidity, and they look phenomenal as well. Along with the same anodizing treatment as the other components, the A-arms also feature scalloped edges that highlight the aluminum’s natural silver color. This scalloping provides a sharp-looking accent to the anodized color. In addition to the A-arms, the front and rear shock towers and bulkheads also feature this scalloping technique.

One of the big improvements on the LST2 over the original LST is the use of larger diameter bearings for the axles to spin on. These larger bearings can take more abuse and are more durable than the original smaller ones. The aluminum front knuckles and rear hub carriers both support the larger diameter bearings while holding the outer races more securely to ensure proper bearing alignment. Aluminum front and rear C-hubs further add to the strength and durability while looking awesome at the same time.

Additional Parts

While items such as shock towers, bulkheads, and A-arms are obvious additions to any vehicle, there are some smaller parts that, when added up, can have a huge impact on the styling and strength of your truck. Parts designed to eliminate flexing or improve the precision of your truck can also be beneficial. Aluminum servo mounts maintain your servo’s positioning better than plastic molded pieces and won’t strip out over time if you do remove and reinstall your servos on a frequent basis during cleaning. Aluminum shift levers are better able to withstand the abuse and wear and tear that a monster truck can dish out. There are even aluminum anodized fuel tank stand-offs, engine support brackets, and more.

One of the most rewarding things about any RC car or truck is adding your own personal flair and touch to it. Some people like to add in their own electronics, some have their own custom paint schemes, while others like to add different aftermarket parts. The Team Losi LST2 is definitely a fun truck out of the box. With strategically placed option parts from Dynamite, you can turn your LST2 from mild to wild in no time flat.

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