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Posted:  Tuesday, August 10, 2004
Provider Name:  RC Car Action
Issue:  March 2004
Written By:  Lito Reyes
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Because we want to measure the shocks at full extension, we'll leave the springs on.

Common sense and assembly manuals say that both shocks on each end of a car must be the same length. But even digital calipers can give an inaccurate measurement because they measure the length of the shock from end to end, and the most accurate way to compare lengths is to measure from the center of the upper and lower shock-mounting points. Note that the length shown on the tool's measurement indicator is taken from the center of the mounts and is not the overall length, so it may not be the same as the measurement listed on your favorite team driver's setup sheet.

STEP 1. Mount a pair of shocks on the tool.

STEP 2. Fully extend the shocks.

STEP 3. Look at the gauge pointer; if it's centered, your shocks are the same length.

STEP 4. If one shock is shorter than the other, unscrew its eyeletuntil both shocks are the same length.

As the pointer shows, these shocks are the same length. If they weren't, the pointer would swing toward the shorter shock. If your shocks aren't the same length, unthread the lower eyelet of the shorter shock.

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